Working papers

  •  Knox, Dean. 'A Model for Path Data.' (with application to sectarian walking routes in Baghdad)
  •  Knox, Dean, Teppei Yamamoto, Matthew Baum, and Adam Berinsky. 'Design, Identification, and Sensitivity Analysis for Patient Preference Trials.' (with application to the behavioral impact of partisan media)

  •  Christia, Fotini, Dean Knox, and Jaffar Al-Rikabi. 'Networks of Sectarianism: Experimental Evidence on Access to Services in Baghdad.'
  •  Christia, Fotini, Elizabeth Dekeyser and Dean Knox. 'Gauging Shia Public Opinion: A Survey of Iranian and Iraqi Religious Pilgrims.'
  • ●  (see also Modeling  >  ‘A Model for Path Data’)

  •  Knox, Dean and Christopher Lucas. 'A Model for Measuring Emotion in Political Speech.'
  •  Goplerud, Max, Dean Knox and Christopher Lucas. 'The Rhetoric of Debate: Conflict and Party Branding in Parliamentary Speech.'
  •  Knox, Dean, Christopher Lucas and Justin de Benedictis-Kessner. 'Words Don't Fit the Picture: Use and Effectiveness of Sentimental Speech in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Campaign.'

Work in Progress

  • Knox, Dean. “Identifying Peer Effects under Homophily with an Instrumental Variable: Patronage and Promotion in the Chinese Bureaucracy.”
  • Knox, Dean and Christopher Lucas. “A New Method for Survey Augmentation.”



  • Knox, Dean. rpm: Manipulation and Analysis of Path Data with the Random Path Model. [under development]
  • Knox, Dean and Christopher Lucas. feelR: Feature Extraction and Analysis for Emotion Detection in Audio-Visual Data. [under development]
  • Lucas, Christopher, Dean Knox, Dustin Tingley, Thomas Scanlan, Shiv Sunil, Michael May, and Angela Su. transcribeR: Automated Transcription of Audio Files Through the HP IDOL API. Transcribes audio to text with the HP IDOL API. Includes functions to upload files, retrieve transcriptions, and monitor jobs.